Unique in world for instant rewards and appreciation protection

Extraordinary Vercoins (XVC, XVC55, XVC99) unique platform that combines the best tokenomics of frictionless yield protocols for instant rewards with the additional benefits in our upcoming long-term Union Program (UP).

Supporting long term price stability and value growth

Price volatility in digital markets tends to be higher than in traditional markets. Investor confidence is lower, as the digital economy is still in its infancy. Therefore, to attract investors, digital asset need to be able to formulate a clear, functional, stable and profitable value proposition that works within the digital ecosystem.

XVC1 Buyback-and-appreciate value

XVC1 stand out from other digital asset, as XVC commited to short-and-long term asset appreciattion. XVC Buyback-and-appreciate program support the growth and price stability of digital asset. In addition buyback results in increased liquidity as market demand for trading the asset will be higher. Increased liquidity in turn results in lower price volatility

Buyback-and-appreciate program has proven effective

Binance includes a buyback-and-burn program. As outlined in the company's whitepaper, Binance uses 20% of its profits to buyback-and-burn BNB tokens every quarter, reducing the overall circulating BNB token supply.

The beside graph shows how the BNB token's value has developed over the last six months. It has gradually increased since December 2018.

In comparison, most major digital currencies have been in decline or moving sideways throughout the same period.

Vercoins (XVC1) incentivize diamond rewards at Yes.Diamonds

Unlock a world of opportunities with XVC Vercoins. Beyond the potential for Vercoins (XVC) appreciation, our token serves as your ticket to an exclusive diamond portal Yes.Diamonds.

At Vercoins, we believe in rewarding our members comprehensively. In addition to the inherent value gained through token appreciation, our community has the unique advantage of earning diamonds through the Yes.Diamonds portal. This exclusive collaboration provides Vercoins members with the chance to receive group performance rewards and elevate their income.

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Why choose XVC1

We provide a place for investors to put their funds into form of digital asset XVC, removing the complexity surrounding any decision over which particular digital coin


100% Buyback-and-appreciate Program

XVC committed 100% of XVC sales fund to buyback and automatically executed.


Equality Policy

First in world digital asset with no private or pre-sale. No party holding any volume for bulk sales. Guarantee price stability.


Union Program

Irresistible Union Program (UP) 1st in the world digital asset with Union Program. Effortless passive income.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) or Questions and Answers (Q&A)

Vercoins ("XVC") is digital currency asset. Vercoins.com provide convenient access for public to acquire rules changing new kind of digital currency asset XVC. XVC the only digital asset exercise 100% sales fund buyback for value appreciation.
First in world digital asset with no private or pre-sale. No party holding any volume for bulk sales. Guarantee price stability, and no bear run.
Union Program (UP) 1st in the world digital asset with Union Program. You will get passive income with UP as well free lucky draw bonus from vercoins.com
You may contact us via email at below contact us section.
Liquidity is one of the fundamental characteristics of financial assets. It refers to the quality of an asset to make it easy to buy or sell at a cost close to the current market rate. Interestingly, cryptocurrencies come with high liquidity. That means we not only can easily buy them but also sell them. The technological association of different investing platforms allows traders to use various tactics and tools that include limit-orders
Allow us to have control over fund. Unlike other means of investment, we don't have to rely on banks or organizations to access own assets.


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  1. XVC token explain at Vercoins.com inclusive XVC, XVC55 and XVC99.